Managing Stress Teacher’s Guide

Lesson: Managing Test Stress (10 minutes)

  • Managing Test Stress Video (5:53)
  • Guided Test Success Visualization (3:46)
  • Optional Quick Reads on:
    • Mindset Shift on Tests
    • Tips for Practicing Paced Breathing

This is a “Bellwork” style Mental Wellness lesson for students. 

In this module students will learn and practice stress management strategies that will help them proactively manage test anxiety and the stress associated with test preparation. We review the importance of adequate sleep, positive mindset, and calming breath. 

Instructions to Educators:

We recommend this lesson be used several times during the year. 

  • Use the Managing Test Stress Video a few days before a test or the week before finals as a preparatory exercise to help students develop healthy test preparation habits and mindsets.
  • Use the Guided Test Success Visualization before AND on test day to help students develop a healthy habit to manage test anxiety and visualize a successful test.
  • Share the links to the Video, Guided Visualization and extra content with students interested in practicing their skills and furthering their knowledge.